Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Welcome to the New KJRN Blog

    As founder of the King James Radio Network, I want to welcome you to the King James Radio Network Blog, where this space will be used to issue statements and press releases, regarding what's going on with KJRN, as we try to build upon the seven plus years that we have been on the Internet at

    The original KJRN Blog, which can be found by clicking here, was a part of the early years of KJRN from 2012-2014. Quite honestly, I stopped doing the blog, because I fell in love with broadcasting and calling games, whether they were high school games, youth and travel games, etc. I still want to call games, but now, there is a different purpose to the King James Radio Network. A multi-purpose, if you will.

    After 7 1/2 years, I have reached the point to where I want to tie a lot of things together, and that includes a multimedia network where people can go to, in order to find out anything that's going on with KJRN, as well as the broadcasting and audiobook narration pursuits of its founder, yours truly, Korbid Thompson. 

    I will use this forum to primarily post KJRN business, but there is also the matter of my work as an audiobook narrator with currently 55 books on Audible, with my latest project called "Get Your Finances Right", written by Dory Laramore. It's a book geared towards helping you make the right decisions on business, investing, saving, etc. 

    I may also throw in a personal anecdote every now and again, which will include my commentary on my New York Mets, who have put me through an emotional gauntlet over the past 35 years that I have been a fan of their team.

    So, at least you have a broad idea of what will be on here. I will try not to be too long. I usually save that for Facebook posts. Thank you very much for reading, especially if you're at this part. I look forward to sharing the next part of the journey with the KJRN audience.

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